Ammunition is currently the most valuable resource in Class 3 Outbreak. As a resource, it allows your survivors to fire at a rate of one bullet per shot. It is imperative that you find and stockpile this resource for most of the game (except, perhaps, if you are well enough barricaded), as you will most likely expend it as quickly as you find it, as your survivors do not have 100% accuracy. In most cases, your survivors will not be hitting zombies every time due to their lack of training. Ammunition is more common than boards, or planks, being found in 40% of buildings.

Several different types of ammunition; i.e. shotgun shells, rifle rounds, pistol rounds, et cetera., which may be added in a later version of the game. Ammunition has a chance to be found in all searchable buildings, and there is speculation that it may later be found in cars. Some buildings will grant boards and bullets.

Starting around 2011 October, Jay and Saxon set ammo for the pistol to unlimited. The shotgun still has limited ammo, that of course that needs to be looted.

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