"Booboo the Dog" is an experimental unit showcased by game designer Jay Weston on the C30 forums. In the test video provided there, the dog's bark distracts nearby zombies. This unit type is still being considered, and may or may not be added in future updates.

Possible ways it could be put in the game are:Edit

  1. With it's barking ability. It can be killed, but not infected.
  1. It can bark, be infected, and killed.
When infected, it will create a new unit type for the undead as well. The speed, health, and behaviour of this new zombie are unknown as of July 11, 2011.

Booboo the dog.


  • Booboo was announced June 22, 2011 by Jay on the C30 forums.
  • This would be the first new unit type for the zombies, aside from minor differences of the fat zombies and normal ones. It would also be the first new unit for the survivors, also excluding the differences between normal and fat civillians.
  • The announcement video was broadcasted on YouTube here:


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