A large building quite valuble in a regular map


Buildings are a vital part of most survival strategies in Class 3 Outbreak.

They are drawn in the map editor (save for the barricade, or wooden roadblock) and serve as the only places in the current version of the game (as of July 9 2011) where ammunition and wooden planks can be scavenged from. Integral parts of a building include windows and doors, of which the former may not be entered but can be shot and looked through by human and zombie alike. Buildings are imperative to your survival, as they are by far the safest place in the game to hide from zombies.

All in all, buildings are a very valuable and integral part of all maps (in fact, maps with no buildings may not be published to the world map due to complications relating to scavenging resources).

-Authored by MMANKID 16:39, July 9, 2011 (UTC)