Class 3 Outbreak (C.3.O) Edit

You use the helicopter to escape in the original. It will only work with an air force pilot on board. In the first game, during the Class 3 outbreak, the government will send a nuclear strike, and you will only have 3 minutes to evacuate scientists, police, and air force pilots. You complete the game when you get everyone including the pilot on-board, and you click the evacuate button.

Zombie Outbreak Simulator (Z.O.S.) Edit

You can place helicopters to evacuate civilians. If a person who has been infected but not turned is on board when the helicopter takes off it will crash and blow up. If a zombie(s) boards a helicopter, it/they will kill the crew instantly and will leave. You will know the crew's dead when the helicopter becomes blood splattered, and doesn't work. 

Trivia Edit

  • The more helicopters on the map, the more it lags.
  • There is only one helicopter and helicopter-pad in C.3.O.