World Map

The world map lets you play maps made by the Class 3 Outbreak community.


The world map is where all approved published maps appear for everyone to see and play.

Moderating mapsEdit

Before a map is added to the world map, Jay Weston must thoroughly inspect the map for issues.

When nominating your map to be featured on the world map, you will need to ensure that the following are all in order:Edit

  • Collision maps must be complete for all objects. This means every tree, car and building must be completed, with windows and doors. We recommend that after finishing your map you scan the entire map left to right, top to bottom, checking for missing trees, cars, buildings, doors or windows.
  • Building walls must be straight, and not hand drawn/messy. Players will be able to see your collision map, hence it must look good and clean/accurate.
  • Walls should be around about the recommended 8 pixels wide. Windows and doors must be at least 20 pixels wide.
  • Each collision color must be correct, ie do not use low fences for cars, or cars for low fences, etc.
  • All buildings must be complete, don't fill in buildings with wall unless they are right along a map edge/can barely be entered. Unless your buildings are tiny, most should have windows.
  • Maps which feature buildings that fill the entire map, such as the Pentagon, or large stadiums will not be considered.
  • Maps that have no buildings, i.e. wide open space or just a bridge, will not be considered for publishing at this time. This may change in the future.
  • Maps with low quality satellite imagery may not be considered. This may include maps with blurry imagery, overly bright or dark areas, overly grainy images, etc.


  • Some places in world have low resolution, and therefore almost no maps.
  • More than 14,000 maps have been created, but not all of them are featured on the world map. In fact, a very small percentage are available to play.