Zombies are the main antagonists of Class 3 Outbreak. They are slow moving by default and can infect a civilian, police, soldier, or survivor by biting and scratching. The zombies appear as red outlines and dots on the minimap, as do reanimating civilians. They have a variety of appearances but most are drenched in blood and move with a shambling gait.

Zombie TypeEdit


Fat Zombie

Fat ZombieEdit

Fat zombies have the highest health of the zombies in C3O, and are the slowest moving.

Female ZombieEdit

The female zombie has no bonuses. It has the normal health and normal speed. There are two types of female zombies, one with a white dress, the other with a blackish grey dress.


A female zombie

Male Zombie

The male zombies come in two different colors; one is black, covered in blood, and wears a white vest. The other zombies is white, blood covered, and wears an army camo top. They have no bonuses.


A black zombie


Zombies will move about the map randomly. They are passive until they spot a civilian or survivor, at which point they move towards them. They have no fear or self preservation instincts. They tend to form Hordes when chasing survivors or civilians. Zombies have a tendency to get stuck in between cars because they attempt to walk in a curved path and collide with the vehicle.


  • It has been observed that the zombies have a resemblance to ants or spiders, particularly in large groups.
  • Only a headshot can truely kill these creatures, but body shots will slow them down.
  • The fastest way to kill zombies is by using an air strike.